7 Surprising Lady Gaga Opinions on Names That Mean Yellow

You’ve been hearing a lot about Lady Gaga lately—most of the talk about her performance at the Super Bowl and her upcoming album. Now that her first album, ‘Born This Way,’ is in the Billboard charts, everyone’s talking about who’s on the album and what it’s about.

You cant say for sure whats on the future album but it seems like shes going with the best name that you could think of.

Gaga has taken her love for glittery and vibrant, the classic combination she uses on all her songs. She will be putting glitter on more tracks next year especially her biggest hit, ‘Flawless.

Weve said it before and its clear that Gaga is going to have a glittering (or yellow glittering) future. She is the first American performer to ever receive the Artist of the Year Grammy from the American Music Awards. At the end of her acceptance speech for the award, she said, “I’ve always dreamed of being nominated for the greatest artist of our time.

In addition to taking it back to her roots as a pop and rock star, Gaga continues to use glittering in her music. Look out for her new song, ‘I Hope You Dance’, which uses some glitter to its title. We are also watching what glitter girl will have to do with her upcoming album.

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